Incentives For Purpose, Money Market Rates, And 5-Star Reviews

Five can't-miss data points this week on

This week, finds a credit union paying out an incentive for purpose, not employees; another asking itself how many basis points will it take to keep a member; and a third with a five-star strategy for encouraging online reviews.

Here are five can’t-miss data points:


Many a credit union foundation ensures its ongoing financial stability through donations, grants, and fundraising. Some foundations also lean on their own diversified investment strategies; others leverage their affiliated credit unions for funding. In addition to traditional sources of funding, Affinity Plus FCU started donating the incentive payments that would otherwise be paid to credit union front-line staff for selling ancillary products like insurance some $25 per warranty sold to its foundation.

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$180.5 Million

Fort Knox FCU had approximately $180.5 million in money market account balances as of the second quarter of 2018. The Bluegrass State credit union would like to keep it that way for the third. In the past five quarters, Fort Knox’s money market account balances have declined by approximately $11 million. That’s a function of the new interest rate environment, says credit union CFO Jake Darabos. For credit unions, these rate hikes can have a large impact on their deposit portfolios and Fort Knox is no exception. That’s why the credit union is close to raising rates on its money market account.

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5 Stars

Consumers Credit Union is polishing up its online image by incenting employees to identify members who might post a positive online review. The Illinois credit union’s 5 Star Difference program calls for staff who have a particularly good interaction with a member to send that info via intranet form to digital marketing manager Eric Shriey. He then emails the members to ask them to post feedback on review sites such as Yelp, Google, Credit Karma, Wallet Hub, and Deposit Accounts.

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Although credit card penetration rates held steady at 17.3%, credit card loan balances increased 9.1% annually. They reached a record balance of $58.4 billion as of June 30, 2018. Learn more about this segment of the portfolio.

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Member economic participation: It’s one of the seven cooperative principles. It’s also the principle that creates a cycle of prosperity. Member-owners participate in their cooperative; thereby, the cooperative returns better benefits to member-owners; thereby, member-owners want to more fully participate in their cooperative. But how do credit unions measure the benfit of their membership? Enter ROM. Learn more about the calculation and view ROM leaders by state, including Veridian Credit Union in Iowa, which clocks in with a score of 99.93.

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October 8, 2018

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