New Year. New Look. New Experience.

The staff at has devised four ways to make reading a better experience for suppliers in 2017. And there’s more to come.

Instead of hitting the gym or quitting a bad habit, the staff at made our 2017 New Year’s resolutions all about you, our readers. That’s why, this week in January, we’re launching phase 1 of a new look built around an improved reading experience.

Don’t worry, the site still offers the same best-practice content you rely on and love. But we’ve added new ways to make those practices easier to digest.

And this is just the first step. Throughout the year, we’ll continue to evolve the way we showcase all the things you want to see.

So, what’s new today?

1. Better Style

Let’s face it style matters. And we’ve given ourselves a new look in 2017 that improves readability in a big way.

When you check out a newly released article, blog, or video, you’ll notice a new look and feel to the text and images. We’ve got more white space (give those peepers a rest) and a cleaner design that makes different items stand out. Our pull quotespop (and we’re telling you who said what), our CU Quick Facts are quickly identifiable, and our images can run BIG! And for those of you who like putting faces to names, you can now see the pearly whites of the authors along with easy ways toshare the content you love.

Plus, when we have a story that demands a lot of space to tell think timelines and lots of graphs we’ve got wide-format articles and drop down sidebars that allow you to see the full monty at-a-glance and then dive deeper where youdesire.

2. Better Direction

We love the look of our new editorial pages, but we want you to stay around to read more than just this week’s featured content.

So, we’ve also optimized how we identify your next best read. We’ve cleaned up the right-hand margin to include only two components one of which is a recommended reading box that offers related content based on the subject your are currentlyreading about. For example, if you are reading an article about an innovative lending program, that related tab will show you more to read. Similarly, if you want to see what is popular with your peers, the trending tabtells you what else people are reading right now. We’ve improved our algorithms; take them for a spin.

If you’re not sure you’re really interested in a topic until you’ve read the full piece, you’ll find more suggestions on what to read next at the bottom of each page. And seeing as you’ve made it to the bottom of the page, don’tforget to leave a comment or rating. We’ve made that more intuitive, too, so please engage with us.

3. Interactive Graphs

Reading an article with data can spark ideas on how to analyze the performance of your own credit union. You might find a new peer group to compare yourself against or a new metric to benchmark.

Callahan’s Peer-to-Peer financial analysis tool helps credit unions put data into context, and is now making that context easier to come by.

Peer graphs that run in new articles and blogs are now clickable and will automatically take you to that graph within Peer-to-Peer. There, after a few clicks, you can customize the graph to see how your credit union compares.


You have to have a Callahan subscription to take advantage of this feature. Don’t have Peer-to-Peer?

Click here to learn more

4. Mobile Makeover

Do you read on your mobile phone? If not, you should start today!

In addition to the changes on the desktop site, we’ve enhanced the mobile site, too. Easily search for credit union data or contact information, read an article, or check out the latest press releases while on the go. It’s all at your fingertips.

This is just the beginning. We have exciting updates planned for 2017. Whatever your personal resolutions for 2017, we hope you add reading every day to them.

5. More Exposure

Did you notice the ad on the right follow you as you scrolled down the page? Chances are if you did, so did the credit union executives reading the site. This following scroll ad along with the top leaderboard and bottom leaderboard are just a few ofmany ways you can showcase your brand offerings to our readership on

Learn more about all our digital exposure opportunities now

January 9, 2017

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