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There might be no "best" way to use social media channels, but this week, highlights some of the more successful best practices and interesting tips from credit unions with robust social media presences.

Using social media channels to converse with and market to members has become standard practice across the credit union industry.

Being different is a great way to stand out in the crowd, but it does go against the conservative grain that characterizes the typical financial institution.

Take Mazuma Credit Union. Although it’s had its unusual name for nearly 20 years, the Kansas City institution has gone all-in with a rebranding that includes an aggressive use of social media and entertaining marketing that speaks to the happy-at-heart.

In Sage Social Media Advice From A Maverick Mazuman, Callahan senior writer and editor Marc Rapport talks to Mazuma brand manager Andy Dickhut on just what’s going on with this Paris of the Plains credit union.

With 5.7 million members, nearly $70 billion in assets, and 269 branches across the globe,Navy Federal Credit Union is not only the nation’s largest credit union but also one of the most active on social media.

Navy’s approach is not for the faint of heart, but in 4 Tips To Tell 5 Million Stories, Callahan writer Erik Payne shares advice from Navy FCU that even the smallest credit unions can useto gain member insights from social channels.

When the marketing analyst position at Keesler Federal Credit Union evolved into a systems manager role, the credit union realized the entire organization could benefit from a broader business intelligence initiative.

In A Strategy To Build Business Intelligence Across A Credit Union, Callahan contributor Sharon Simpson talks with the cooperative’s leaders about advanced data analysis and how IT and marketing are working together to lay the foundation for enterprise-level business intelligence.

Finally, if your credit union still isn’t sold on social media, consider this: A projected 1.96 billion people worldwide are using social media in 2015, according to Statista. More than 94% of credit unions have a Facebook account, but other social media outlets offer credit unions a chance to interact with members, too. To see what these channels are and how credit unions can best use them, check out the Graphic Of The Week 4 Alternatives To Facebook And Twitter, by Callahan analyst Stephanie Clark.

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October 5, 2015

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