The Age Of Video

Video tools such as interactive and personal teller machines have the potential to reshape the credit union branch. What should institutions know about this technology and how are some credit unions deploying it?

Video teller machines can help credit unions increase member service hours and efficiency while reducing the risk of robberies and fraud. Leveraged effectively, they can provide a large benefit to an institution’s bottom line and member relations.

To learn what, specifically, they do, how much they cost, and more, read Callahan analyst Janet Lee’s Graphic Of The Week, What To Know About Personal Teller Machines.

Finding the right employees to connect with members through this new technology can be a challenge.

In Seven Tips To Staff Video Teller Machines Callahan contributor, Sharon Simpson, writes about some of the best practices has profiled in this emerging area of credit union operations.

Additionally, video tellers can prove complicated for credit unions with no experience and members unaccustomed to the technology.

LAFCU ($593.1M, Lansing, MI) implemented interactive teller machines nearly three years ago as part of a larger initiative to boost efficiency and become a technology leader. InThe Interactive Banking Experience, Callahan writer Erik Payne showcases how the Michigcan cooperative encouraged members and employees to adopt this new technology.

Sometimes, it’s the small things that make a big difference. Such is the case with the placement of interactive teller machines. For example, it’s important to know which way the sun sets.

That makes a big difference in the video quality when you’re using them outside, says Jim Spradlin, president and CEO of Park Community Credit Union ($745.0M, Louisville, KY). Inside the branch, you need to consider privacy. We’ve added soundproofing to help with that. And the backdrop of the ITM tellers themselves is important to the presentation.

In5 Tips To Deploy ITMs, Callahan senior editor and writer Marc Rapport writes that as the technology and techniques for ITMs mature, so, too, do staffing and training strategies and identifies best practices that can help any credit union make the most of this teller tool.

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September 7, 2015

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