The Los Angeles Dodgers Will Win The World Series

We'll prove it with credit union data.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Our prediction was wrong. The numbers lied. The Houston Astros won the World Series. We’ll do better next time.

The Los Angeles Dodgers will eke out a win over the Houston Astros to win their first World Series since 1988.

Or so says credit union data from Callahan & Associates.

This world series, which begins Tuesday, proves historic. This will be the first World Series between a pair of 100-win teams since 1970; in addition, the Astros could become the first team to win the World Series as members of both the American and National Leagues.

That’s cool and all, but the Astros won’t win. Let’s us prove it.

Let’s Play Ball!

Dodgers 0, Astros 0

For our modeling, we’ve compared the financial performance of the 131 credit unions based in the Los Angeles metropolitan statistical area against the 98 based in the Houston MSA. Seven metrics. One winner. First up, we measured the two credit union MSAs against one another based on year-over-year loan growth.

This one goes to the City of Angels. Los Angeles credit unions posted 13.87% growth, while Houston lags behind at 9.07%. Point, Dodgers.

Dodgers 1, Astros 0

The loan to share ratio among credit unions in these two great American cities is close: Los Angeles credit unions posted a ratio of 72.63%, while Houston’s institutions hit 74.24%. Astros take this one.

Dodgers 1, Astros 1

Los Angeles credit unions, on average, have greater member relationships than their Houston counterparts: $23,239 to $17,612, respectively.

Dodgers 2, Astros 1

Share draft penetration among Los Angeles credit unions was 62.82% at second quarter 2017, compared to 58.86% at Houston credit unions.

Dodgers 3, Astros 1

The delinquency rate of 0.67% for Houston credit unions is higher than the 0.53% posted by Los Angeles credit unions. Bigger is not better, here, however. So point, Los Angeles.

Dodgers 4, Astros 1

The return on assets posted by these credit unions looks identical, but Houston credit unions actually have an advantage of less than a handful of basis points. A win for Houston.

Dodgers 4, Houston 2

In this measure of interest income vs. interest outgo Houston reigns supreme. Houston wins this battle, but loses the war.

Dodgers 4, Houston 3

Well, there you have it. Place your bets now. The Los Angeles Dodgers will win it all.

October 26, 2017

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