Win In The Workplace

Engaged employees are more productive and innovative. More importantly, they're more pleasant to work around.

American businessman Doug Conant famously said, To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace. He should know. As president and CEO of Campbell Soup Company, Conant led a turnaround that included reinventing the company at nearly all levels. And he currently serves, among other positions, as the chairman for the Kellogg Executive Leadership Institute at Northwestern University.

So how does a credit union win in the workplace? Engaging employees is a great place to start, and that is what this week on is all about.

In this week’s infographic How To Improve Employee Engagement, Callahan analyst Stephanie Clark breaks down tools and metrics to gauge engagement and methods to increase it.

Workplace incentives foster employee loyalty and satisfaction as well contribute to the organization achieving its financial goals. Credit unions can adjust many incentive levers including what gets incentivized, who gets incentivized, and how to strike a balance between sales and service. In 3 Ways To Improve Incentive Programs, Greater Nevada Credit Union, Schools Financial Credit Union, and Ventura County Credit Union share strategies and tips that have helped take their own employee incentive programs to the next level. today.

Employees are an integral resource for credit unions, but finding ways to engage them can prove challenging. Institutions that typically succeed at building an engaged and therefore happy, productive, and loyal workforce typically view employee engagement as an operational cornerstone, something without which the institution cannot be successful, says Tom Larsen, senior vice president human resources at Raleigh, North Carolina-based Local Government Federal Credit Union. And in this week’s Q&A, Larsen discusses how Local Government keeps talent, determines the market value of employee performance, and links cooperative philosophy to employee engagement. Learn more today.

When Coastal Federal Credit Union another Raleigh, NC, cooperative went live on schedule with its new core processing platform in June 2015, it was a testament to the cooperation and commitment of teams from every department. Subject matter experts the people who work with the software and systems in specific ways worked alone or in teams throughout the 18-month project. All told, more than 125 of the credit union’s 450 or so employees were heavily engaged in the intensive tech project. In Staff Engagement Helps Coastal Conquer A Core Conversion, writer Marc Rapport breaks down how the $2.5 billion credit union earned, and relied on, buy-in from staffers.

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July 20, 2015

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