3 Roles That Take Business Intelligence To The Next Level

There’s a new wave of titles that hints at a sea change in how credit unions use data.

Job titles say a lot about how an industry or an organization is changing. A different spin on traditional roles and responsibilities is not uncommon, but there’s a new wave of titles that hints at a sea change in how credit unions use data. These new roles are embracing data points presented by member behavior and turning every interaction into a chance to deepen member relationships and strengthen the bottom line. Such a turn clearly show how credit unions are thinking differently about the cooperative business model in today’s financial services environment.

Data + Teamwork = Better Member Experience

Member satisfaction is more than a metric at Truliant Federal Credit Union ($3.8B, Winston-Salem, NC), where a growing team of experts is combining people and analytics to forge deeper, broader member relationships.

Jeremy Cline helps direct that effort as senior director of member success and loyalty. It’s a title the 15-year veteran of the credit union has held just since October, when the Tarheel State cooperative expanded his role as director of member satisfaction itself just created in 2020.

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Business Intelligence Helps Business Decisions

In today’s digital age, providing a superior member experience that will keep members joining, staying, and engaging requires more than appealing products and services. It also requires knowing how appealing those products and services really are. That’s the impact Maura Ronayne made at one of the cooperative movement’s largest players, Alliant Credit Union ($15.2B, Chicago, IL).

Ronayne joined Alliant in July 2013 as a senior market research analyst and spent three years as senior member insights manager, before making a career change in 2021. Among her responsibilities, Ronayne provided the credit union’s decision-makers the right business intelligence to enable them to make intelligent decisions.

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Integrating Humanity With Hard Numbers

CEFCU ($7.7B, Peoria, IL) found the right person to meld the qualitative and quantitative aspects of running a credit union. Jennifer Flexer has been on the leading edge of internet technologies and even hand-entered HTML code back in the day.

She’s been with CEFCU for 24 years, and today in her role as assistant vice president of marketing and analytics, she leads the credit union’s integration of human understanding with cold, hard numbers.

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March 7, 2022

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