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ACH State Of The Union: Meeting Pandemic Challenges And Planning For Growth

Smarter Faster Payments Remote Connect session will highlight how the dots have connected in Same Day ACH and what’s coming next.

While there’s an overwhelming desire to return to pre-pandemic life, some changes to the payments landscape are likely permanent and that’s a good thing.

Every payment type across the board that logically made sense has seen increases in ACH and I don’t see that trend reversing, said Jason Carone, Senior Vice President, ACH/EPN Product Management, at The Clearing House. Once you move those payments to ACH you don’t shift them back, he said.

The ACH State of the Union is in focus Tuesday, Aug. 24 at a Smarter Faster Payments Remote Connect session set for 1:20 to 2:20 p.m. Carone joins Nell Campbell-Drake, Vice President, Retail Payments Office, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, and Michael Herd, Nacha Senior Vice President, ACH Network Administration.

During the hourlong chat, the panel looks at several topics, including Same Day ACH, which marks its fifth anniversary in September.

The industry has embraced Same Day ACH and the opportunities that it brings for the ACH Network, said Campbell-Drake. And Carone noted that while back in 2016 only a handful of possible uses were envisioned, today people are using it for a huge variety of use cases.

The success of Same Day ACH is just one example of how Nacha works closely with both the Federal Reserve and The Clearing House in their capacities as ACH Operators. Herd praised both ACH Operators for being textbook examples of how collaboration should work.

I can really attest to how closely they work around the same table together to get things done for the ACH Network and in the best interests of the ACH Network, said Herd.

There’s much more to the ACH State of the Union, including an in-depth look at pandemic-related changes, modernizing the Nacha Rules for new technologies and International ACH, and more. Register today for Smarter Faster ents Remote Connect and watch the complete conversation and access more great payments content at payments.nacha.org/register.

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August 16, 2021

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