Loan From the Front

Member-facing staff at one Virginia credit union helps the institution reach its maximum lending potential.

Loan officers are generally considered the primary folks responsible for mortgages. But that kind of thinking won’;t get your credit union to its maximum potential.

The front-line staff at Dupont Community Credit Union ($740M, Waynesboro, VA) is as engaged in the mortgage lending initiatives as anyone. The credit union’sleadership emphasizes constant education of tellers about the mortgage processes and products so they can help members in need of home loans. One lesson learned during the process: Don’t overwhelm your staff with too much complex information.Rather, give them what they need to know in chunks. Remember that they still have to do their own jobs.

Dupont uses monthly meetings to discuss changes in the mortgage offerings and processes and works to get buy-in from branch managers to ease the dissemination of new information. These are just a couple of tactics to help get everyone behind your creditunion’s mortgage program.

April 8, 2016

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