Callahan’s Guide To The 2023 Final Four

The sports analysts at Callahan & Associates wrap up March Madness with predictions based on credit union performance data. Which team will reign supreme?

Graph Of The Week

Loan Growth Smashed Records In The Fourth Quarter

Loan balances were up 20% year-over-year, surpassing the previous industry record.


5 Takeaways From Trendwatch 4Q 2022

Dive into the performance trends that shaped the final quarter of the year, and learn how those metrics could impact the months ahead.


Exit Interview: Dave Roughton, SAFE Credit Union

From the coin vault to the corner office, Dave Roughton looks back on a career and to the future of an industry with impact in mind.


Making Super Bowl Predictions? Callahan Can Help.

A look at the lending performance of credit unions in Kansas City and Philadelphia offers a novel way to forecast the winner of this year’s big game.

Industry Insights

A Closer Look At 2022’s Loan Growth Surge

Credit union lending boomed last year. What’s in store for this year?


How To Build Lasting Ties With Young Members

Atomic Credit Union creates lifetime members one transaction at a time via student-run branches.

Features 2022: Best Of Lending

10 ways to lead through lending.

Graph Of The Week

Rising Rates Drive Down Share Growth

A confluence of major factors have resulted in some of the weakest share growth in several years.

Industry Insights

The Last Crisis Vs. Today: A Credit Union Perspective

A look back at the Great Recession and subsequent industry performance offers an understanding of risks and opportunities in the current economic climate.

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