Sherry Virden

Sherry Virden is an Industry Analyst at Callahan & Associates.


5 Takeaways From Trendwatch 4Q 2022

Dive into the performance trends that shaped the final quarter of the year, and learn how those metrics could impact the months ahead.


Commercial Loans Are Up; Delinquencies Are Down

Commercial real estate loans now comprise more than 90% of the total portfolio, but economic shifts could blunt their growth.

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Loan Balances Reached Record-Breaking YOY Growth

Outstanding loan balances grew 19.1% in the third quarter of 2022. That number has never been higher at U.S. credit unions. What else happened in the loan portfolio?

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A Closer Look At 2022’s Loan Growth Surge

Credit union lending boomed last year. What’s in store for this year?

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Credit Unions Are Besting The Competition On Delinquency

Late payments are on the rise across the nation, but delinquency at credit unions is nearly half the national average.

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Who Are The Top 10 Core Providers For U.S. Credit Unions?

The big three hold roughly half of the industry’s market share, but some smaller players are making gains.

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Where Do Auto Lending And Inflation Intersect?

Auto inflation has slowed since its second quarter peak but remains significantly higher than historical levels.

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Dividends Have Slipped, But Is A Turnaround On The Horizon?

In honor of International Credit Union Day, a look at how credit union dividends have shifted over time and why a rebound might be just around the corner.

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Financial Literacy Offerings Drive Down Credit Union Delinquency Rates

For institutions with $100 million or more in assets, educational offerings are often a key factor when it comes to preventing late loan payments.

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Making An Impact – And Getting Results

Callahan’s 2021 Impact Survey shows the variety of ways credit unions are making a difference in their communities and advancing the industry’s philosophy of “people helping people.”

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