Anatomy Of Rogue Credit Union

The ANATOMY series is a quarterly, multi-feature profile that explores the strategies and analyzes the performance of an exemplary credit union.


Apart From The Pack
Rogue Credit Union doubles down on loyalty and forges its own path in service of its Southern Oregon market.
By Marc Rapport

An Account Of Ownership Benefits
A growing list of cash-back rewards for member engagement is a linchpin of Rogue Credit Union’s loyalty strategy.
By Marc Rapport

6 New Branches. 4 More On The Way.
Rogue Credit Union is building a network that marries today’s member loyalty with tomorrow’s trends.
By Marc Rapport

What’s In A Name: Vice President Of Loyalty Employee Development
Laura Hansen’s role at Rogue Credit Union creates happy members and supports the staff that keep them that way.
By Marc Rapport

With Gratitude

Rogue Credit Union’s people personify the passion that has carried the Oregon credit union to new heights in member service and loyalty. Callahan Associates wants to thank the following individuals for sharing their time and insight so other credit unions might be inspired to expand engagement with their members through outstanding service and products.

“We’re not aiming to be the most profitable or the most efficient credit union. We made a decision 10 years ago to have the most loyal members in the nation. That’s how we’ve created financial sustainability. That’s how we’ve created success.”

— Gene Pelham, President/CEO

“Our reputation and the trust we build with our members every day is our most valuable commodity. It also means we don’t have to go out and buy members. Word-of-mouth is our most powerful tool.”

— Jeanne Pickens, COO

“If you take care of the member, everything else will take of itself. That defines our purpose and stands behind everything we do. People are inherently good and want to work for good, and that’s what resonates with everyone on our staff.”

— Kelsey Esqueda, Marketing Manager

“Our Ownership Account is a key component of our loyalty strategy and one of the best tools I’ve seen to help credit union members recognize the credit union difference that they own their credit union and the value that’s inherent in that.”

— Matt Stephenson, Executive Vice President

“Member loyalty is the driving principle at Rogue Credit Union. That begins with each of us who work here. Loyalty and employee development go hand-in-hand at our institution.”

— Laura Hansen, VP of Loyalty & Employee Development

“As a student teller, I grew up at Rogue. I knew I wanted to help others, and my career here has fulfilled that, from our community involvement to helping members improve their credit scores to working on a team developing new products.”

— Melissa Wood, Lending Services Manager

October 1, 2018

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