Reverse Mortgage


How Credit Unions Are Coping With Surging Mortgage Rates (Part 2)

With the market shifting and buyers becoming choosier about their lenders, credit unions across the country are shifting how they approach mortgage lending.


Persevering through Economic Adversity and Natural Disasters

Over the past 15 years, Visions Federal Credit Union has coped with an extended local recession and a “500 year” flood. But through these difficulties, the credit union, its members and the larger economy have forged stronger ties that can weather any storm.


Niche Mortgage Products Fatten Loan Portfolio

Many credit unions develop specialized mortgage products for specific homeowner groups.


Marketing the Reverse Mortgage— A Retirement Option

Many seniors are concerned about funding their retirement, especially with rising medical and living expenses. A reverse mortgage product allows credit unions help older members address their financial needs.


Focus Financial Services On Seniors

Credit unions can accommodate their older demographic with reverse mortgages, financial investment services, and elder abuse education.

Industry Insights

Truth Be Told, TILA/RESPA Changes Could Be Costly

Integrated mortgage disclosures top list of regulatory changes approved or under consideration in the year ahead.

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