Niche Loans For Unique Needs

Callahan Collections

A Small But Mighty Response To Payday Lenders And Fintech Competitors

Credit unions are experimenting with employee-sponsored small-dollar loan programs at the urging of Filene and the FINRA Foundation.

Callahan Collections

Funding Job Training With A Twist

A small Ohio credit union includes income replacement in a loan package aimed at spurring personal and community economic development.

Callahan Collections

How CapEd Credit Union Helps Members Keep Cool Without Credit

The Idaho credit union’s weatherization loan offers an alternative to high-interest credit cards and HELOCs.

Callahan Collections

5 Small Loans That Make A Big Difference

A loan doesn’t have to be massive to be mighty. These high-impact programs have an outsize effect on members and communities.

Callahan Collections

How High-Risk Lending Reaps Rewards

Managing risk and building relationships helps two small credit unions lend to C-D-E-paper borrowers.

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