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Member Business Lending By The Numbers (2Q17)

See why member business loans are one of the fastest growing loan segments in the credit union loan portfolio.


Member Relationships By The Numbers (1Q17)

Credit union membership was 109.4 million as of March 31, 2017. That’s nearly 4.4 million more members than 12 months ago.

Graph Of The Week

2017 Mobile And Digital Statistics

The world is moving toward a completely digital environment. Understanding a credit union’s digital penetration is crucial to building a strong marketing and communications strategy.

Industry Insights

How Much Do Credit Unions Spend On Compensation?

The percent of revenue going toward employee compensation is reversing trend.

Industry Insights

A Country Divided?

Strategies to reward loyal patrons differ among financial institutions as well as from region to region.

Industry Insights

The Credit Union Opportunity In Auto Leasing

When it comes to building a strong auto portfolio, there are ways to serve members outside the traditional loan.

Industry Insights

Follow The Golden Brick Road

The story behind Golden 1 Credit Union’s 35.5% auto loan growth.


Investments By The Numbers (4Q 2016)

Cash at other financial institutions and Fed agency MBS have increased by 6.4% and 4.2%, respectively, over the past year. What else has happened inside the credit union investment portfolio?

Industry Insights

State In The Spotlight: Wyoming

Wyoming credit unions are all about growth. These credit unions have posted some of the strongest growth rates of any state in the nation, and it appears more and more Wyomingites are selecting credit unions to be their primary financial institutions.

Industry Insights

The Buzz Around Auto Lending In The Beehive State

How America First, Mountain America, and Security Service divide and conquer the Utah auto market.

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