Jennifer Davis

As the Vice President of Information Services & Technology at Callahan & Associates, Jennifer Davis is responsible for the firm’s software product development, database infrastructure, data governance, and information technology.

Before joining Callahan 10 years ago, Jennifer spent nine years in the information services industry gaining experience in SEO, web application development, networking administration, and data stewardship. In a nutshell, she says, “I love technology.” Jennifer’s role at Callahan demands a high capacity for strategic thinking, and she considers the skills she developed while earning a bachelor’s degree in Foreign Service from Georgetown University essential today as she navigates the needs and priorities of stakeholders while making the decisions required to properly perform her role.

When it comes to career success, Jennifer also cites the many people in her life who have gone out of their way to help her, even when they had no reason to. Today, her personal and professional mission is to pay forward that outpouring of kindness and model the thoughtfulness she experienced. It’s no surprise she’s found fulfillment serving credit unions, a movement that helps members solve problems they can’t solve on their own.

When she’s not combining technology and leadership to help Callahan better support credit unions, Jennifer spends as much time as possible with her husband and two young children. Her hobbies include reading, preparing healthy meals, and discovering new activities for her family to enjoy in and around Washington, DC – an area that has plenty. Challenging herself to continually expand her leadership skills is never far from her mind, however, so she also dedicates some spare time to studying different methods of product development and leadership tactics.


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