Best Of 2016: Auto, Branching, HR, and Deposits

Five can't-miss data points featured this week on

From the best and most-popular case studies our writers have churned out, to, well, the not-so-popular, this week, we recap the year that was on

Here are five data points you can’t miss:


That’s the number of credit unions that held auto loans on their loan portfolios as of third quarter 2016, according to data from Callahan & Associates. That’s more than 97% of institutions.

It’s no surprise then to consider the popularity of auto articles on In Best Of Auto 2016 we identify eight reader favorites.


At third quarter, credit unions opearated 20,983 branches, a net gain of 342 brick-and-mortar locations year-over-year. Still, even if the branch isn’t dead, it’s certainly changing.

From smaller square footages to optimized in-branch designs, the 2016 version of the credit union branch looks far different than branches of yesteryear. In Best Of Branching 2016,we identify nine lessons in building, designing, and staffing the credit union branch.


That’s the average salary and benefit received by credit union employees at third quarter 2016, according to Callahan data. At third quarter 2015, that figure was $68,537. But there’s more to Human Resources than managing pay.

As employee expectation for technology and flexibility grow, credit unions must adapt and change with the times. In Best Of HR 2016 we list five case studiesof credit unions that share innovative approaches to evaluations, training, and staffing.


This figure represents the average share growth for all credit unions in the U.S., at third quarter 2016, easily the highest rate post-Recession. And as attracting deposits remains top of mind for many institutions, case studies on thetopic remain well-read.

In Best Of Deposits 2016 we identify five of the most popular.


As 2016 turns to 2017, Best Of lists start to populate For the most part, these lists identify our most popular case studies around specific topics.

But this year, we’re poking a little fun at ourselves, too. Not everything on is popular with our readers, much to our chagrin. But that doesn’t mean these less popular articles don’t have value. So in 10 Articles No One Read In 2016,we’re giving this great content a second chance. These articles are worth it.

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December 26, 2016

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