Callahan’s Guide To The 2023 Final Four

The sports analysts at Callahan & Associates wrap up March Madness with predictions based on credit union performance data. Which team will reign supreme?

Industry Insights

Is Indirect Lending Worth The Cost?

Pumping up membership via indirect loans can be beneficial, but the strategy has its downsides.


5 Takeaways From Trendwatch 4Q 2022

Dive into the performance trends that shaped the final quarter of the year, and learn how those metrics could impact the months ahead.


3 Advantages Of Automating Loan Processing And Decisioning

Changing member expectations call for new conveniences, and new technological solutions will help credit unions further their future success.

Partner Perspectives

Maintaining A Competitive Edge During Auto Industry Inflation

A high-quality portfolio protection insurance program will not only cover borrowers but also safeguard a credit union’s balance sheet.

Features 2022: Best Of Lending

10 ways to lead through lending.

Graph Of The Week

Where Do Auto Lending And Inflation Intersect?

Auto inflation has slowed since its second quarter peak but remains significantly higher than historical levels.

Partner Perspectives

Tackling Inflation And The Auto Industry, Part 1: Protecting Your Credit Union From Car Market Volatility

Today’s larger loan balances and longer loan terms leave borrowers at risk of becoming upside down, which also increases risk for credit unions in their loan portfolios.

Partner Perspectives

How To Keep A Total-Loss Accident From Costing Your Credit Union A Member’s Business

CCC’s Total-Loss Care Lienholder Portal paves the way for members to get back on the road while you keep the loan.

Industry Insights

5 Takeaways From Trendwatch 2Q 2022

Macroeconomic shifts drove changes in member demand, which impacted top-level credit union metrics.

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