Best Of June 2019

Based on June traffic (and our editorial instincts), here are the top articles and blogs that appeared on

Based on June traffic (and our editorial instincts), here are the top articles and blogs that appeared on

No. 10: Loan Participations: Sharing Risk And Reward

Loan participations are a proven way to address liquidity concerns and add some income. They can also be complicated, but there’s help.

No. 9: How Opportunities Credit Union Throws A Lifeline To Underwater Borrowers

This Vermont cooperative is making life-changing auto loans to rescue borrowers who are underwater or burdened with high-interest debt of all kinds.

No. 8: 3 Metrics That Are Important For First Quarter

Understanding key performance metrics will help gauge early successes and identify any operational adjustments needed to achieve strategic goals.

No. 7: What’s In A Name: Vice President Of Digital Transformation

Jennifer Platt helps Suncoast integrate technology and business to meet consumer needs and expectations in an age of digital disruption.

No. 6: Pen Air Recaptures Its Way To Auto Loan Growth

The Florida cooperative uses direct mail and digital techniques, plus a guarantee of 2 percentage points less than the member is paying now.

No. 5: The Good, The Bad, And The Reserved

The new CECL accounting standards are expected to raise reserves and concern alike, but there could be some upsides, too.

No. 4: The 10-Step Guide For Replying To Online Reviews

To maintain credibility after a rebrand, Logix FCU emphasized its online reviews. In the years since, the California cooperative has received many a five-star review. Here’s how it handles those that aren’t.

No. 3: The Reverse Tier Savings Account That Gives More To Those With Less

Canvas Credit Union’s 18-month-old account was designed with younger members in mind and has attracted millions in deposits to the Colorado cooperative.

No. 2: How ELGA Went All In On Downtown Flint

It’s all a matter of timing as ELGA joins in on the revitalization of a once-moribund main street in one of America’s iconic industrial cities.

No. 1: How A New CEO Watered The Garden And Watched Her Credit Union Bloom

After a decade of slow growth, Patelco hired a new CEO in 2013. Erin Mendez brought new ideas and jumpstarted a new culture at the California cooperative.

July 2, 2019

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