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This week, digs deep into mobile and digital strategies, including how one credit union communicated to members during its digital conversion and how another positioned two marketing campaigns to encourage members to adopt its mobile app. Continue reading across the week, as we’ll introduce additional case studies and strategies for your reading pleasure.

Here are five can’t miss data points:


Eight mergers in 11 years prepared the marketers at Advia Credit Union for a daunting new communications challenge: a digital banking conversion. At Advia, it began with making marketing an integral part of the conversion from the beginning. The credit union’s marketing team stayed engaged throughout the process, which helped it craft and time the release of member outreaches. That’s why when more than 145,000 members woke up on Tuesday, July 25, 2017, to a new digital interface with their credit union, they were not taken by surprise.

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For Pioneer Federal Credit Union serving members how they want to be served is something to celebrate. The credit union introduced interactive teller machines in 2015 and now operates them at each of its drive-up windows and in the lobby of one branch location. The ITMs are one part of an ongoing effort for the credit union to promote member service that goes above and beyond. Another aspect is Pioneer’s stand-alone myPioneer Personal Assistant app, which the credit union launched in January of 2018.

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The credit union industry is safe, but it’s not sound. Perhaps the best way to turn that around is by turning the NCUA into a champion of the cooperative financial services movement. The opportunity is there. The regulator’s three-person board could turn over in the coming months, making way for new appointees that beat the drum for credit unions and how they make America great. That would be a radical change from the often adversarial relationship the NCUA has now with the financial institutions it regulates.

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Vermont’s first quarter income growth was in line with national averages. The state adeptly managed credit card usage, reporting above average penetration rates and below average delinquency for that product. Member relationships in the state also were strong, and shares are growing. Despite numbering only 19, credit unions in Vermont turned out an impressive performance.

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First quarter revenue growth for credit unions broke double-digits for the first time since the third quarter of 2007. Credit unions reported revenue growth of 14.2% as of March 31, 2018, and total revenue hit an all-time high of $17.7 billion. This growth comes in second only to the first quarter of 2007, when credit unions reported revenue growth of 14.5%.

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July 9, 2018

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