Peer-To-Peer Bootcamp Testimonial: Eric Sanchez

What does the industry have to say about this knowledge-based offering from Callahan & Associates?

In February, Callahan & Associates welcomed 12 employees of Credit Union Student Choice to a private Peer-to-Peer Bootcamp in St. Petersburg, FL. Callahan’s Peer-to-Peer Bootcamps are designed for users who are interested in learning how Peer-to-Peer’s performance benchmarking tools can help them do their jobs more efficiently.

Eric Sanchez, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Credit Union Student Choice

Here, one of the Student Choice representatives who attended the event, Eric Sanchez, director of strategic partnerships, why he attended Callahan’s bootcamp, his biggest takeaways, and how the information has helped him do his job better.

What were you hoping to accomplish by attending the Peer-to-Peer Bootcamp?

Eric Sanchez: I had used Peer-to-Peer before the bootcamp. I taught myself how to pull some high-level reports. For my work, I need to see how the inner workings of a credit union’s loan portfolio are broken up.

Since attending, how do you feel the bootcamp has helped you do your job better?

ES: The bootcamp helped teach me to use the program more efficiently and effectively, so I could go a little bit deeper and pull a little more data compared to the high-level information I was able to pull previously.

Attending the bootcamp was long overdue. We use 5300 Call Report data often. The bootcamp helped by providing me with another tool, if you will, to use to converse with credit unions about how the different solutions we provide as an organization impact the loan portfolio. There’s a lot of data in Peer-to-Peer, things we didn’t even know were there. Having easy access to all that information is going to help me have better conversations on the sales side, serve my clients better, and grow our business.


In the months you’ve been using it, any anecdotes that show how much time it’s saved you or any conversations you’ve had that have been different or better?

ES: The big thing I’ve been able to save time doing by using Peer is in pulling prospect lists. Just the other day, I was able to build a peer group of credit unions based on specific attributes I wanted to target. To do that previously, I would have to go on the NCUA’s site and type in a search for credit unions within a specific state or a specific area, then manually go through and look for the asset sizes or other attributes I was interested in. This saves me a lot of time.

What was your biggest takeaway from the bootcamp?

ES: The one feature I will single out is the ability to filter and build a data view on an interactive map of the United States and tailor our search results all the way down to the county level. That’s helpful to me, especially when I’m on the road. I can target a specific area so, not just Florida, but Dade County, Florida.

That was my wow moment’: You guys filter that specifically?

This interview has been edited and condensed.

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December 21, 2018

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