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This week, CreditUnions.com explores ways to find appealing candidates, develop talent, maximize skill sets, and more.

The credit union motto is people helping people, and that’s what this week on CreditUnions.com is all about. But the site’s writers and contributors are giving the topic a Callahan twist and looking at how credit unions are helping their own people.

Callahan analyst Sam Taft kicks off the week with Employment And Salary Trends In The U.S. Financial Services Industry. Throughout the Great Recession and beyond, credit unions have demonstrated a commitment to add numbers to their employee rosters and dollars to their employee salaries, and here’s the data to prove it. See the stats today.

Reach for the moon; if you slip and fall, you find yourself among stars, is a favorite saying of Raksha Shirali. That’s the one piece of advice the vice president of human resources at USAlliance Federal Credit Union tells her new hires. The point being, everyone has weaknesses but learning from them is how to improve. Read more advice about finding the best hires and managing for success in Raksha Shirali On Leadership. It’s one of the first entries in the new CreditUnions.com column ON LEADERSHIP.

As organizations work to backfill behind a steady exodus of retiring baby boomers, many of whom are in senior-level positions, consumer demand is turning up the pressure to find new staff members that not only have the right skill set but are also a good fit culturally. Under those conditions, it’s no surprise HR managers and corporate recruiters are looking for ways to navigate the great talent search. Enter employee assessments, an evaluation of how a job applicant’s talents match the job requirements and how they might perform on the job. TDECU’s hiring strategy includes a thorough pre-assessment. Learn more in How To Identify The Next Great Credit Union Leader.

SECU of Maryland is developing a qualified candidate pool even before it has open full-time positions available. With the help of Roderic Flowers SECU’s vice president of human resources development the credit union created a college internship in 2005 to encourage interest in financial services careers and recruit talented employees before they leave the area.

We need to reach out to the schools while [the students] are still young, Flowers says. Many have misconceptions about credit unions. We want to debunk the myths. Learn more in Turn A Temporary Intern Into A Lifelong Employee.

No one would accuse Seattle-based BECU of thinking small. But as the $13 billion cooperative’s footprint and capabilities grow, so, too, do the complexities in managing them. For the fourth quarter Strategy & Performance profile of BECU, writer and managing editor Aaron Pugh examined five areas where BECU is reinforcing the importance of excellence despite the number of people, processes, or programs involved. Read more in 5 Rules For Running A Multibillion-Dollar Organization.

Finally, Callahan’s own director of talent development, Leigh Anne Terry, just can’t enough of the joviality that comes with April Fools’ Day, so she put together some cringe-worthy HR scenarios inspired by the hit television series Mad Men. Read all about them in 4 HR Scenarios To Avoid At All Cost.

Don’t forget to visit CreditUnions.com throughout the week for new blogs and HR features.

Happy Reading.

April 20, 2015

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