Student Lending, Non-Interest Income, And More

Five can't-miss data points featured this week on

This week, looks at student lending, non-interest income, and more.

Here are five data points you can’t miss:


Even at its peak rate in the last five years, the 60+ day delinquency rate for student loans has not risen above 1.62%. Currently the net charge-off and delinquency ratios are trending down at 0.23% and 1.19%, respectively.

See how credit unions are stepping up to empower members with responsible student lending options in The State Of Student Lending .


That’s the number of cows and calves that Keith Domingue, CFO of First Community Credit Union, cares for in his ranch outside of Houston.

Domingue, a CPA and Texas A M University grad with a master in accounting from the University of Houston, got his first taste of leadership in the U.S. Army as an armor officer of an Abrams tank.

After military service, he spent two years as staff auditor at the Texas Credit Union League, before landing at FCCU. FCCU has grown from $160 million in assets in 1995, when Domingue started, to $1.2 billion today.

In Keith Domingue On Leadership , the chief financial officer of First Community talks about questioning authority, the regulatory environment, and the future of credit unions.


Credit unions nationwide, on average, had $607,047 in outstanding private student loans on their books as of June 2016, up 16.0% from $523,253 reported in the previous June.

To see which credit unions make student loans a big part of their business, check out Leaders In Outstanding Private Student Loans .


That’s the number of months Callahan Associates has delivered its Leadership Team Development Program to credit unions. In that time, Callahan has learned it tough to lead a team of diverse, talented individuals the kind of folks you hire if you believe in the maxim, Always hire people smarter than you are. What more, this leadership challenge is only getting bigger.

Read more in How To Create A Team That Survives And Thrives .


Genisys Credit Union posted a non-interest income of $80,136 in the second quarter, compared with $70,125 for peer credit unions, and NII per member was $174 versus $171. NII as a percentage of total income was 32.26% as of June 30, 2016, compared with 27.39% for the average billion-dollar credit union.

One income-driving avenue in which the credit union has found success is in insurance. In How A Sales Culture Bolsters Non-Interest Income , president and CEO Jackie Buchanan shares insight on how Genisys has generated NII in that area and others, all the while boosting member service.

September 19, 2016

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