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Onboarding new members and employees is a critical step in deepening the credit union relationship. But sometimes this is easier said than done.

Onboarding new members is critical for credit unions looking to deepen relationships during the initial honeymoon phase. But sometimes this is easier said than done.

This week on CreditUnions.com, we provide three strategies to boost credit union onboarding effectiveness.

In what was a good year for credit unions, USAlliance Financial had a very good year, helped along by a mobile-first member onboarding strategy that also recognizes the essential role of the branch.

That sounds contradictory, but the suburban New York City credit union has deployed its new account opening solution through its mobile apps which members use as well as through iPads which staffers use in branches.

And USAlliance has seen strong member engagement since adding the mobile tools in January 2015. In Mobile Onboarding That Works In And Out Of The Branch,by Callahan senior writer Marc Rapport, read how the credit union works to increase traffic to its remote channels, while recognizing the branch is still the No. 1 place to deepen relationships and cross-sell.

It can be challenging for credit unions to develop onboarding and training programs that engage employees, offer career advancement, and increase organizational efficiencies. But Nusenda Credit Union has found a winning formula to achieve those objectives, earn multiple best area employer awards, and score high marks in member service.

It does all of this and more through a structured-yet-constantly-evolving formal training program that fosters employee excellence and satisfaction while driving business growth. To learn more about this program, read 120 Days To Credit Union Proficiency by Callahan contributor Dahna Chandler.

When Generations Federal Credit Union dove into the data, it found nearly 30% of its members were using a single product instead of taking advantage of all the credit union had to offer.

Today, its dedicated strategy to onboard new members and re-board existing ones has helped the Lone Star State credit union create more engaged members. To see how Generations FCU’s three-part onboarding strategy engages members at the onset and continues building relationships through their 90 day and beyond, read A Full Time Onboarding Strategy That Reduces Part-Time Members, by Callahan contributor Sharon Simpson.

Finally, in our Graphic Of The Week, we show how cooperatives continue to charm consumers in third quarter 2015. To learn more, read Member Relationships By The Numbers (3Q 2015).

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January 19, 2016

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