2016 Credit Union Annual Report

Disruption avoidance, the state of mergers, and what’s on the agenda for 2017. All this and more in this year’s report.

Since 2009, Callahan & Associates has produced an annual report for the credit union industry. It’s one of the few places where leaders can check out a holistic view of the credit union industry. This year, Callahan’s managing partner, Jon Jeffreys, offers his thoughts on disruption and how credit unions can be the disruptors instead of the disrupted.

The 2016 Credit Union Annual Report also highlights areas of major impact loans made, share dividends paid, and people employed is just the beginning as well as presents a series of leader tables that show which credit unions are performing well in areas that underscore the cooperative model.

Finally, an Annual Report favorite, don’t miss the responses from this year’s Executive Outlook Survey. Find out how other areas are faring and what’s on the agendas of credit union leaders across the country.

Read it all today!

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April 17, 2017

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