Industry Insights

Credit Union Consolidation Continues

Seventy credit union mergers occurred in the first six months of 2021, continuing a decades-long trend.

Industry Insights

Credit Union Mergers Fall For The Sixth Straight Year

The number of credit union mergers has fallen for six years; however, the aggregate assets of merged institutions reached a record $8.4 billion with the help of two significant mergers.


Macro Overiew And Industry Trends (1Q20)

The longest economic expansionary period in U.S. history has come to an end. What else should credit unions know at first quarter?


How To Complete A Merger … Remotely

Georgia’s Own Credit Union was months away from finalizing a merger when the coronavirus pandemic hit. Rather than hitting pause, the credit union devised a plan to forge ahead.


Macro Overiew And Industry Trends (4Q19)

Despite a slow first quarter, the industry reported strong growth across core financials in the past 12 months. What else should credit unions know at fourth quarter?


4 Tipping Points For A Core Conversion

Maintenance, integration issues, pricing, and even vendor disinterest can be cues that a new partner is in order.


United FCU Demonstrates The Benefits Of Being A Credit Union

The credit union charter saved an ailing Indiana bank, retained local ownership, and assuaged community concerns regarding employment and sustainability.


The Bank Branch Expansion Plan

Thinking of buying a bank? Check out these best practices and insights from credit unions in the know.


A Merger Of Equals Melds Leaders And Boards

The formation of Lake Trust Credit Union in 2010 presented challenges and opportunities in seamlessly integrating the upper tiers of credit union management.

Callahan Collections

Inside Sound Credit Union’s Much-Debated Bank Acquisition

With credit union acquisitions of banks on the rise, the ABA has gone on the offensive. Sound CU shares why its recent purchase of The Bank of Washington makes good business sense and its strategies for onboarding former bank customers, employees, loans, and more.

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