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Loan Purchases And Participations In 2020

Loan purchases and participations reached record levels at U.S. credit unions. Some credit unions sold loans to generate revenue or reduce risk; others purchased loans to boost ratios or yields. Learn more about what happened throughout the industry.

Industry Insights

Credit Union Mergers Fall For The Sixth Straight Year

The number of credit union mergers has fallen for six years; however, the aggregate assets of merged institutions reached a record $8.4 billion with the help of two significant mergers.


Credit Union Auto Lending Growth Slows But Still Grows

Auto lending continues to dominate in penetration and market share; loan quality also improves.

Industry Insights

A Regional View Of Earnings And Capital In The Third Quarter Of 2020

Credit unions in the West reported the largest decline in ROA. See what else has happened across the United States.

Industry Insights

Credit Union Earnings And Capital In The Third Quarter Of 2020

Concerned with cooperative values and not stock prices, credit unions have sacrificed short-term earnings to bolster reserves and give members a break on fees.

Industry Insights

New Branch Strategies For A New 2020

Credit unions have made deposit and market share gains during the year; now, many must re-evaluate their branch channels as they work to better align products and services with the changing needs of members.

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