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A Critical Choice: Choosing The Best Business Lending Vendor

Small or large, ensuring the right business lending specialist has experience and talent is key to successful partnership.

Lenders, including credit unions and banks who originate commercial loans, look to third- party vendors for auditing, a la carte services, and/or portfolio servicing. These components to business lending are critical to such a program because of the risk involved; however, knowing which vendor is the best match can be just as cumbersome as a commercial loan itself.

Inside vs. Outside

When a financial institution evaluates a potential business borrower, it has a choice between internally reviewing applicantsor outsourcing to a commercial underwriting vendor.Though there are many factors to take into account, a financial institution should make a decision based on how much additional value a vendor can provide to both the borrower and the institution itself.

The right credit administration service organization comes with a team of experienced, talented, and knowledgeable individuals to provide a comprehensive financial analysis for adherence to specific policies and guidelines. With their combined experiences and wealth of expertise, lending institutions can rest assured that they are minimizing risk and making the best decision.

Looking For The Right Risk Management Vendor

Lending institutions need to ensure the vendor they decide to work with has a wealth of experience. The vendor’s resume is the most critical bit of information a financial institution can use to evaluate the vendor’s ability to perform the job well. It’s important for financial institutionsto feel confident in the pool of talent and experience available through the vendor. The right vendor will have a wealth of talent and experience to ensure all needs will continually be met. Assembling a team with experience and expertise in commercial lending will help improve a financial institution’s ability to evaluate risk.

How Smaller And Larger Organizations Evaluate Vendors

The size of a financial institution tends to determine what it needs from a risk management vendor. For example, a smaller organization would likely prefer interacting with a vendor who promptlyanswersquestions that arise. And while availability might be something that a more compact operation looks for, a larger organization prefers a vendor that quicklyand efficiently completes the job.

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October 12, 2015

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