Strategic Planning


An Educated Board Tops Priorities For The Summit In 2023

A Callahan survey finds staffing, efficiency, and measuring impact are favored initiatives for the year ahead.


Unitus Spreads Out, Employees Get Comfortable

The Oregon cooperative is creating a network of nerve centers to empower collaboration, create efficiencies, and reduce commutes.

Industry Insights

Interest Rate Volatility Reaches New Highs For 2022

A look beyond the headlines to better understand what is driving the current market trends that could impact your credit union’s investment portfolio.


GRAPH OF THE WEEK: Credit Union Hiring Spikes Amid Hot Job Market

Credit unions are hosting more FTEs and paying them more than they were one year ago, in large part driven by an extremely competitive hiring environment.


Credit Unions Are Prioritizing Purpose As The Pandemic Wanes

Credit unions have the opportunity to play important roles in the lives of members and communities, but to remain relevant, they must continually strive to help members achieve their goals.


Just Add Coffee: How 2 Credit Unions Are Rethinking Branching

The CEOs of Canopy Credit Union and Med5 FCU offer insights into sharing branch space with unlikely partners.


Organizational Structures And Today’s Credit Union: A View From The Top

Org charts reflect key responsibilities, but what do variations in top-level structures say about business strategies, compliance goals, CEO priorities, and more?

Callahan Collections

What’s In A Name: Vice President Of Strategic Initiatives And Impact

At Together Credit Union, ensuring pillars aren’t silos is at the heart of creating a change culture based on data and collaboration.


Desert Financial Leads With Heart To Conquer New Markets

The Arizona cooperative commits time and money to fundraising, grants, and activities that revolve around the idea of giving back.


These 4 Pillars Are Transforming Culture At 1 Colorado Credit Union

Canvas Credit Union wants to be known for its people, and a different way of approaching HR is helping it achieve that goal.

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