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McGraw-Hill Drives Auto Lending Higher

A New Jersey credit union uses two channels to boost new auto loans in fourth quarter 2014.


Build Younger Relationships Through Private Student Lending

Student lending offers credit unions a chance to build early trust with a demographic that is getting tired of banks. And once that relationship is in place, the numbers can really add up.


Economic Up Tempo May Prompt Rate Ratchet

Rising wages, employment may be greeted by rate hikes as Fed works to direct economic harmony.


What To Watch In Payments In 2015

Retailers, interchange beneficiaries, and merchants all want to circumvent the card networks.


How To Bounce Back When Your Auto Portfolio Bottoms Out

When indirect lending margins at Orange County’s Credit Union started to shrink, the $1.2 billion cooperative injected life into its auto portfolio with a new focus, a fresh marketing campaign, and different metrics.


How After-Hours Underwriting Boosts Auto Lending

Increase profits by processing loans after your doors close.


How Indirect Lending Helped Oregon Community Achieve 5.6% Market Share

At the close of 2014, the Beaver State cooperative was the No. 3 lender in Oregon, trailing only Wells Fargo and Toyota Motor Credit.

Industry Insights

What Has 4 Wheels And A Windshield?

This week, CreditUnions.com explores the ways four credit unions from across the country are poised to take advantage of a booming auto market.


The Power Of The Powertrain: Get Members The Simplest VSA Program

Competition among finance and insurance products in the dealer showroom is heating up.

Industry Insights

How Credit Unions Can Prove Themselves

A review of practices that show how and why credit unions are boosting their visibility and viability.

2014 Credit Union Impact Report

How much money did credit unions lend in 2014? How much higher were the interest rates they offered on deposit products? How many workers did they employ? All that and more in this year’s report.

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