Small Business Administration (SBA)


Tips To Prepare For PPP Forgiveness

An Oklahoma credit union encourages business owners to wait to apply for forgiveness but has tools in place to assist members who want relief now.


What We Can Learn From Successful PPP Lenders On How To Serve Small Businesses

Five credit unions shares insights from their Paycheck Protection Program efforts.

Industry Insights

Credit Unions Help Save More Than 1.1 Million Jobs Through PPP

PPP data from the Treasury Department indicates credit unions played a larger role in lending to smaller companies, underscoring the movement’s commitment to Main Street business borrowers.


Credit Unions Overcome PPP ‘Nightmare’

Portal crashes. Controversies. Confusion. Despite a shaky start, the Paycheck Protection Program is providing badly needed capital to more than 4.3 million small businesses nationwide.


Analytics Offer A Smarter Approach To Collections And Underwriting

A new approach to debt collection at WSECU is cutting contact center costs by $8,000 a month and identifying borrowers that need early intervention.


The New Normal: A Hectic Day In The Life Of A Business Lender

Sixty-hour work weeks, constant virtual meetings, and imminent deadlines. The world of business lending is busier than ever before, but in many ways the work also is more rewarding.


Support For Small Businesses During The COVID-19 Crisis

Carolina Foothills FCU is working with the City of Spartanburg to coach startups and fill a critical funding gap. That’s important because small-business support is now more important than ever.


From Texas To Tampa: How A Microloan Program Aims To Serve Small-Business Owners Across America

A meeting between a socially minded lender in Texas and a credit union in Florida leads to an innovative microlending program with nationwide applicability.


How Opportunities Credit Union Throws A Lifeline To Underwater Borrowers

This Vermont cooperative is making life-changing auto loans to rescue borrowers who are underwater or burdened with high-interest debt of all kinds.


6 Lending Strategies That Make A Powerful Member Impact

These credit unions rallied around the needs of members to uncover hidden potential in the loan portfolio.

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