Automated Clearing House (ACH)


ACH State Of The Union: Meeting Pandemic Challenges And Planning For Growth

Smarter Faster Payments Remote Connect session will highlight how the dots have connected in Same Day ACH and what’s coming next.


Is It Time Now For FedNow?

Stakeholders weigh in as the Federal Reserve seeks comment on its proposed real-time payment rail.


The Payment Rail Rolls On Despite Delays In ACH Window

The Fed says it wants to gather more comment regarding same-day ACH payments, tapping the brakes on a process that began in 2016. But credit unions have other real-time options.


Are Faster Payments Fast Enough For A Real-Time World?

ACH speed-up really needs to be just the beginning as consumer expectations ramp up for real-time payments.


Private Student Lending Performance: Steady As She Goes

In 2008, credit unions began dipping their toes into what many considered to be the treacherous waters of private student lending. More than nine years later, credit unions are charting a positive course.

Industry Insights

Payments Sublimation Meets Merchant Tokenization

How to inject the credit union message into a seamless payments process, and how the merchant response to the EMV liability shift might be emerging were two hot topics at CSCU’s annual conference.


3 Ways To Engage Your Digital Members

Expand your payment channels, conduct a “user journey” audit, and partner with experienced, trusted providers.

Industry Insights

ACH Same-Day Window Thrown Open

First of three-phase implementation goes smoothly as the venerable ACH Network ramps up payments speed.

CUSP Archives

Is Your Credit Union Ready For Speedier ACH?

The first phase of NACHA’s plan to open new daily payment windows is now a year out and approaching fast.

Industry Insights

Should Credit Unions Settle For Same-Day Settlement? NACHA-rally.

Opportunity, challenges seen in same-day settlement as Fed calls for comments on its plan to adopt new NACHA rules.

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