Alix Patterson

As the Chief Experience Officer at Callahan & Associates, Alix Patterson continually pushes the firm’s technology, marketing, media, and advisory services teams to consider how to create a better client experience.

Alix has dedicated more than 25 years to helping Callahan support credit unions and supplier organizations, and she has had a strong hand in shaping the industry-leading resources the firm offers today. She helped launched Callahan’s Executive Roundtables program in 2011 and continues to ensure the discussion, networking, and camaraderie they offer make them among the best events offered in the industry.

Coursework completed while earning an MBA from Oxford highlighted for Alix the link between social entrepreneurship and credit unions, which she sees as the original drivers for community-based solutions to social, cultural, and environmental issues. The relationships she’s cultivated with credit union leaders allow her to identify common challenges, which Callahan then addresses through data, research, articles, and more.

In her time away from credit unions and crew, Alix enjoys rowing, reading, photography, and exploring the world with her two sons and husband of 20+ years.


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