10 Must-Reads For 2017

CreditUnions.com puts a wrap on 2017 with a look back at some of the most popular strategies, insights, and stories generously shared by credit unions.

Sharing industry trends and best practices are two of our favorite things at CreditUnions.com. As we look forward to 2018, we’d like to revisit some highlights of 2017.

Readers throughout the year showed an interest in subjects that ran the gamut, and we think the following pieces are worth repeating. Find more on these topics anytime of the year using the CreditUnions.com’s subject tags linked at the end of each selection.

Happy Reading!

10. A Merger Made For Members

Gas & Electric Credit Union in Rock Island, IL, has set the standard for transparent transactions that ensure any movement on a merger is for the members’ sake.

Read and watch more about Cooperative Strategy. ContentMiddleAd

9. Take The Pain Out Of Branch Placement

Georgia’s largest credit union finds the right competitive intelligence for driving objective branching decisions is just a click away.

Read and watch more about Delivery Channels.

8. The Check Is Dead. Long Live The Check

Paper checks, like the branch tellers who take them, have long been considered on the endangered species list. In reality, checks still garner a lot of use.

Read and watch more about Deposits & Payments.

7. How To Boost The Bottom Line

Interest on loans drive the income train, but other revenue streams are steaming along.

Read and watch more about Financial Performance.

6. Innovative People And Products In Virginia

Richmond-based VACU stresses data, process, and innovation as specialty hires highlight a hiring surge.

Read and watch more about Human Resources.

Visit the CreditUnions.com Blog Roundup for Callahan commentary, industry insights, leadership perspectives, and more. Start reading today.

5. Breaking The Indirect Addiction

Shoreline Credit Union sold its stake in indirect lending and returned to the basics. CEO Nathan Grossenbach explains why and how.

Read and watch more about Auto Lending.

4. Mergers Shrink While Mortgages Grow

Fewer credit unions are originating mortgages, but credit union mortgage market share is increasing. Learn about the driving forces behind these trends.

Read and watch more about Mortgage Lending.

3. 2 Ways To Boost Savings

In this webinar, Amanda Lunger, chief marketing and sales officer for Central Willamette Community Credit Union, discusses campaigns designed to attract deposits and keep up with eight straight quarters of double-digit loan growth.

Read and watch more about Deposits.

2. What To Expect When Expecting A Breach

Credit unions in California and Washington offer best practices for responding to breaches and reissuing cards.

Read and watch more about Risk.

1. The Benefits Of A Mobile-First Website

Citadel FCU’s new mobile-responsive website is one part of a larger initiative to build the optimal digital experience.

Read and watch more about Technology.

I want to send a special Thank You to CreditUnions.com’s staff writers Erik Payne and Marc Rapport. Their enthusiasm for sharing credit union successes never wanes.

December 25, 2017

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