Best Of October 2018

Based on October traffic (and our editorial instincts), here are the top articles and blogs that appeared on

Based on October traffic (and our editorial instincts), here are the top articles and blogs that appeared on

No. 10: Branch Population Holds Steady While Productivity Rises

Advances in staff and technology underpin credit union’s ability to serve more members per location, and the numbers show it.

No. 9: Bob McKay On Leadership

The CEO of Anheuser-Busch Employees Credit Union talks inspiration, role models, and finding opportunities.

No. 8: Strategic Planning Is More Than A Fall Weekend

Taking time throughout the year to discuss the credit union’s strategic direction will help leaders address changes to the landscape as they occur.

No. 7: An Incentive For Purpose, Not Employees

Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union redirects incentive payouts on ancillary loan services to contribute to foundation funding.


No. 6: 3 Ways To Settle Student Debt

First Tech FCU goes all in on student debt refinancing, with a suite of products and a team of in-house advisors working to meet specific needs of members.

No. 5: What’s In A Name: Director Of Business Analytics

Carrie Jenkins is leading Centra Credit Union on a new journey into predictive analytics powered by a new core processing system and data warehouse solution.

No. 4: A 4-Year Journey Into The Heart Of Analytics

St. Mary’s Bank used the power of data visualization software to introduce stronger business intelligence and analytics into the organization and into the strategic decision-making process.

No. 3: How Many Basis Points Does It Take To Keep A Member?

Fort Knox FCU is raising rates on its money market account to discourage members from taking their business elsewhere.

No. 2: The New Face Of The Front Line

It takes more than sleek teller machines to transform member experience. Tucson FCU’s transition to drive-thru ITMs required hours of planning, visits to other credit unions, a new training program, and a branch-by-branch rollout of the new machines.

No. 1: Which Credit Union In Every State Returns The Most Value To Members?

An interactive graphic by Callahan & Associates highlights ROM leaders by state. Who’s tops in your state?

November 8, 2018

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