The $10 Billion Threshold, 6 Earnings Ratios, And What’s Hot And Not

Five can't-miss data points featured this week on

This week, covers how to cross the $10 billion threshold confidently, earnings ratios to know, borrowers with below average credit, and more.

Here are five data points you can’t miss:


Growth is a major goal for most financial services providers, but there’s one milestone that can turn good growth into too much of a good thing.

That milestone is hitting $10 billion in assets.

Crossing that line brings a credit union or bank under the oversight authority of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. That means a new set of regulations and regulators and an additional examination aside from the NCUA, FDIC, or OCC.

Amid planning for compliance and interchange hits, learn how credit unions can count on a little help from their friends in How To Cross $10 Billion And Keep On Going.

10 Percentage Points

The national average for six earnings ratios is less than 10 percentage points. In 6 Small Earnings Ratios With A Large Impact On Credit Unions,see how a change of just a few basis points can make a big difference to a credit union.


That’s the percentage of Trius Federal Credit Union’s loan portfolio made up of C, D, and E paper.

In an interview with the credit union’s vice president of lending,A Strategy To Serve C And D Paper Borrowers, learn how thecredit unino reaches good borrowers in hard times while still mitigating risk.


In October 2016, OUR Credit Union counted 41,000 in-branch transactions across the institution’s four branches. For the credit union, this kind of volume means branches will continue to play an important role in its operational strategies.

To see how a brick-and-mortar presence, back-to-basics lending, and a forward-thinking approach to business underpin growth for the credit union, check out Anatomy Of OUR Credit Union.


At the end of each year, the Washington Post puts together a definitive, subjective, and plain ol’ fun list of what’s in and what’s out for the year ahead.

In this spirit, offers a credit union list of 15 things that are hot, or not, in 2017. Although these aren’t as sure-fire, slam-dunk, bet-the-house-on-it predictions as the site has made in the past, they’re pretty close. Checkout the list in The Definitive In And Out List For Credit Unions In 2017.

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January 30, 2017

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