What Happened In The Investment Portfolio In The Third Quarter?

The loan-to-share ratio continued to increase, pushing credit unions to look to their investment portfolios for funding.

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Is The Credit Union Liquidity Crunch Finally Here?

The industry is facing a challenge as it looks for ways to fund record loan demand.

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Credit Unions Set To Focus On Hiring In 2023

A Callahan & Associates survey of cooperatives across the asset spectrum reveals an emphasis on recruitment and retention as well as institutional culture.

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The Core Players In Credit Union Land

Callahan’s annual core processors market share guide offers who’s who and what’s up among providers of the most critical of technology infrastructure.

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Who Are The Top 10 Core Providers For U.S. Credit Unions?

The big three hold roughly half of the industry’s market share, but some smaller players are making gains.

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Loan-To-Share Ratio Increases With Rate Bumps

Increases in the federal funds rate normally have a negative effect on the loan-to-share ratio, but things were different in the third quarter.

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Fed Opens Door To Slowing The Pace Of Hikes

Look beyond the headlines to discover the driving forces behind market trends and consider how they impact a credit union’s investment portfolio.

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5 Key Takeaways From Trendwatch 3Q 2022

Lending was the theme of the third quarter as the economic environment undergoes a complete reversal.

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3 Ways To Give Thanks For Members … And 1 Way To Appreciate Employees

Rising rates, soaring inflation, and an unstable economy could make for a grim holiday season, but has inspiring stories of credit unions bringing joy to others.

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Rising Rates Drive Down Share Growth

A confluence of major factors have resulted in some of the weakest share growth in several years.

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