Industry Insights

A Closer Look At Recent Call Report Changes

The NCUA overhauled its 5300 reporting requirements in the first quarter of this year. After such a drastic data change, here’s how industry leaders can understand the updated requirements.

Industry Insights

What’s New In The 5300 Call Report?

Major revisions to the call report take effect in the first quarter of 2022. Here’s what you need to know.


Arlington Community Sets The PACE For Sustainability

The Virginia cooperative leverages a government-guaranteed loans program to help local business owners make an environmental difference.

Industry Insights

Inclusion Insights Kick Off This Year’s GAC

The Small Credit Union Roundtable featured CEOs bringing members into the financial mainstream and NCUA chair Rodney Hood on the regulator’s role.


Rules, Regulations, And Relationships: How WSECU Spreads Compliance Management Across The Enterprise

A committee approach allows the Washington cooperative to manage to an appropriate risk level while being a champion for members’ financial well-being.


How Opportunities Credit Union Throws A Lifeline To Underwater Borrowers

This Vermont cooperative is making life-changing auto loans to rescue borrowers who are underwater or burdened with high-interest debt of all kinds.

Graph Of The Week

How Does A Charter Change Affect Credit Union Performance?

Data from Callahan & Associates documents the performance in four key areas for credit unions that have made a charter change over the past decade.


What Is The State Of Secondary Capital At U.S. Credit Unions?

Interest in secondary capital is growing, and new strategies, larger loans, and precedent-setting decisions by the NCUA could dramatically change the way credit unions deploy it.


8 Avenues To Avoid A Fair Lending Exam

Three credit union leaders talk about tactics to keep lending in line with federal regulations.

Callahan Collections

Inside Sound Credit Union’s Much-Debated Bank Acquisition

With credit union acquisitions of banks on the rise, the ABA has gone on the offensive. Sound CU shares why its recent purchase of The Bank of Washington makes good business sense and its strategies for onboarding former bank customers, employees, loans, and more.

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