Roman Ojala

Roman Ojala is an industry analyst at Callahan & Associates.

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5 Key Takeaways From Trendwatch 3Q 2022

Lending was the theme of the third quarter as the economic environment undergoes a complete reversal.


It Takes Time For Loan Portfolios To Reprice

If history is a guide, the average yield on loans will take time to adjust to the sharp increases in the federal funds rate.

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Consumer Sentiment Slides Amid Recession Fears

High inflation and low unemployment are clashing, resulting in economic pessimism that hasn’t been seen in more than a decade.

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Cash At Credit Unions Declined 26% In The Second Quarter

Amid market volatility and ongoing loan demand, cash balances decreased nearly $66 billion. What else happened in the investment portfolio?

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What’s Next for the Housing Market?

The U.S. is experiencing a shortage of homes amid record demand, which is likely to have an impact on mortgage lending moving forward.

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Mortgage Slowdown Cuts Origination Fees In Half

Income from mortgage originations and servicing were down from one year ago following slowdowns in sales and refinancing.

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Callahan’s Guide To The 2022 Final Four

The sports analysts at Callahan & Associates wrap up March Madness with predictions based on credit union performance data. Which team will reign supreme?

Industry Insights

3 Investment Trends From The Fourth Quarter Of 2021

Credit unions are positioning their balance sheets to deliver greater yields as investment and lending conditions adapt to a late-pandemic environment.

Industry Insights

Credit Unions Have A Staffing Problem

The U.S. labor shortage is wreaking havoc on businesses. How is it impacting credit unions, and what are they doing about it?

Industry Insights

From Liquidity To Investments: Credit Unions Put Cash To Work

Deposits jumped $35.0 billion during the third quarter, and credit unions adjusted their investment portfolios to take advantage of the changing yield curve.

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