5 Ways To Shine On Social This Holiday Season

Credit unions across the country spread cheer on social media.

Tis the season for hot chocolate, bright lights, and caroling through the snow. Tis also the season for boosting online engagement by showing off some holiday spirit.

There is no shortage of inspiration for ways to engage an audience on social during the holidays. Forbes even offered a five-step guide this year on how to prepare for the holiday season.

December is generally the absolute biggest opportunity of the entire year for retail businesses, so you need to take full advantage of this Holiday season otherwise, your competitors definitely will, the article states.

What are credit unions doing this holiday season? Plenty. Here are five tips with plenty of credit union examples for how to add a little holiday spirit to a social media promotion.


1. Showcase Community Involvement

The holiday season offers credit unions the chance to show off their community investments. During a season that is all too often overshadowed by the promise of a gift received, credit unions across the country are embracing the gift of giving.

Click the tabs below to see how credit unions are showcasing community involvement.


Travis Credit Union ($3.1B, Vacaville, CA) took to Instagram to showcase its support of charitable organizations and services. In one video, branch manager Jennifer Victor asked members to donate a toy for a local toy drive, giving the post a human element. The credit union branded these posts with the phrase Travis Credit Union Gives Back.


Over on Facebook, Patelco Credit Union ($6.5B, Pleasanton, CA) posted a video slideshow featuring pictures from the team’s trip to Chico, CA, to deliver care packages to those effected by the California wildfires.


Giving back to the community during the holiday isn’t solely about providing items it’s also about providing experiences. Fort Knox Federal Credit Union ($1.5B, Radcliff, KY) sponsored the annual tree lighting ceremony for its military community and shared pictures via Facebook.


To demonstrate how it supports the community, Infinity Federal Credit Union ($349.2M, Westbrook, ME) posts about its small businesses every month. Its December spotlight featured a local snow plow company apropos for the time of year.


SF Fire Credit Union ($1.3B, San Francisco, CA) promoted its inclusive brand and supported a local fire department in its post about a doll drive that was geared toward representing the nationalities of all the people in the community.

2. Share Employee Holiday Spirit

Members and potential members need to know there is a real person behind the credit union’s social posts. Members like to see authenticity, so spotlight employees and make them accessible to help members feel closer to the cooperative.

It’s common for organizations to post about their ugly sweater contests and holiday parties, but don’t post 50 pictures of a single event and expect members to engage. Members likely don’t know many of the people in the pictures, so introduce the staff in them. Think quality over quantity. And for those events hosted in a branch, encourage members to tag themselves or people they know.

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Department of Commerce Federal Credit Union ($450.3M, Washington, DC) showcased the people behind the credit union and made a personal connection with members by posting a photo of its CEO, Evan Clark, making breakfast for the team.

3. Hold A Holiday Giveaway

Contests are a great way to engage members. Ask followers to share photos (best/worst holiday sweater, finish sentences, (My favorite holiday movie is __________) or submit essays (How I Learned The Truth About Santa) for a special prize. Social media management app, Post Planner, offers these 12 contest ideas for Facebook. The credit unions below have more ideas.

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Apple Federal Credit Union ($2.6B, Fairfax, VA) promised $75 every day for five days to five lucky winners in December 2018. For a chance to win a cash deposit into their Apple FCU account, members must like the credit union on Facebook or Twitter.


Bethpage Federal Credit Union ($8.1B, Bethpage, NY) played off the Christmas song The 12 Days of Christmas with a sweepstakes in which members could win a variety of gifts.


Instead of offering a straight giveaway, Scott Credit Union ($1.2B, Edwardsville, IL) tied its holiday contest to a transaction to foster usage. The credit union offered a cash prize of up to $500 for one lucky kid or teen who opened a new savings account by the end of the year.

4. Communicate How The Credit Union Helps

Financial services and products should be part of a credit union’s social media promotion calendar year-round, but these offerings can be a source of crucial support during the extra stress and spending inherent in the holiday season. Identify specific ways the credit union’s products and services can relieve a holiday paint point and communicate that to members.

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Helping members reduce their monthly debt load is just one way credit unions across the country are supporting financial wellness. Alliance Credit Union ($477.5M, San Jose, CA) used this holiday season to promote the 12 ways it can save members money. No. 3 was its 1% auto refi rate discount.


Just because it’s December doesn’t mean members aren’t thinking about spring, summer, and fall getaways. And plenty of members are packing up and heading home for the holidays. This is a perfect time to talk to members about cashing in on travel rewards. InFirst Federal Credit Union ($171.3M, Alexandria, VA) offers a reward card that pays extra points on gas, travel, food, and more. Members can redeem points to spend time in their winter wonderland.


Members don’t want to drown in debt over the holiday, and a holiday loan is one way to help them better budget and stay afloat. Prince George’s Community Credit Union ($177.1M, Bowie, MD), promotes its holiday loan as a resource to give members the funds they need without all the fanfare.

5. Make The Holidays Manageable

The holiday season is full of cheer and stressors and the most wonderful time of year can quickly become the most overwhelming time of year. Offer simple tips and tricks to make members’ lives easier.

Click the tabs below to see how credit unions make the holidays manageable.


Suncoast Credit Union ($9.2B, Tampa, FL) is helping members start the year on the right foot with its #SuncoastResolutions, simple resolutions for a financially healthy 2019.


Meanwhile, Pentagon Federal Credit Union ($24.1B, McLean, VA) shared tips on how to stick with a budget and not overspend during the holidays something most of us could work on.

Whatever the tactic, make sure the credit union celebrates all the season’s magic, not just one day or holiday. Members will appreciate the inclusivity.

These are just a few of the many campaigns taking place across the industry. Is your credit union doing something creative this holiday season? We want to hear from you! Share it with us in the comments section.


December 17, 2018

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