This Week’s Highlights


Impact Strategies From March 2023

A look back at strategies and ideas that help credit unions make an even bigger difference in the communities they serve.


A Giant Leap For Small Businesses In The Tennessee Valley

Tennessee Valley FCU is expanding a small business program by giving away $175,000 in the Chattanooga, Cleveland, and northwest Georgia areas.


Exit Interview: Tracie Kenyon, Montana’s Credit Unions

Montana’s Credit Unions’ longtime leader leaves a legacy of service, collaboration, and independence.


A Strategy To Build A Stash Of Non-Member Cash

GreenState Credit Union has refined the art of managing its liquidity pipeline with non-member deposits.


Support For Women Leaders In The Badger State

A one-day live summit and periodic virtual sessions are empowering women and ensuring their future in the movement.


What’s In A Name: Chief Data And Planning Officer

Matthew Reidy helps Sandia Laboratory FCU leverage the power of data to increase innovation and member value.


What’s In A Name: Chief Research And Digital Experience Officer

Ami Iceman Haueter takes on a new C-level role and a merged division to drive digital innovation at MSUFCU.


Branch Reporting Brings Value Across The Enterprise

Automated dashboards and scorecards uncover actionable insights decision-makers can use in real-time.


Tiny Houses Are Helping Redwood Credit Union Address A Big Problem

The California-based cooperative is writing loans for small properties to help combat the affordable-housing crisis.

Industry Insights

Loan Balances Reached Record-Breaking YOY Growth

Outstanding loan balances grew 19.1% in the third quarter of 2022. That number has never been higher at U.S. credit unions. What else happened in the loan portfolio?

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