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Graph Of The Week

Mortgage Slowdown Cuts Origination Fees In Half

Income from mortgage originations and servicing were down from one year ago following slowdowns in sales and refinancing.


10 Ways To Make A Great Hire

Credit unions from across the country dish on tactics to find the best employees.


Tips To Build A Better Leasing Program

A Cleveland credit union is one of only seven of its size in the country that makes auto leases, and it does a lot of them.


A Strategy To Centralize Lending And Increase Efficiency

University Credit Union in Orono, ME, creates new positions and titles to streamline its lending environment.


The Refi Boom Comes To Student Loans

Low rate environment and soaring student debt lead to growing refinance boom in student lending.


What To Consider Before Outsourcing A Credit Card Program

There are three broad credit card management options that carry their own advantages and considerations.

Industry Insights

Mortgages, Millennials, And Military Matters

Empowering and engaging potential new homeowners and honoring obligations to military borrowers get close scrutiny at opening day of NAFCU’s annual conference.


Good Loans for Students = Good Business for Members 1st FCU

Members 1st FCU finds early success with recent launch of private student lending solution.


How To Move To An In-House Business Model

SECU of Maryland’s move to bring its business lending operations in-house resulted in a return on investment in the range of 250 to 300 basis points.


Retain Loans And Increase Portfolio Yield With Online Loan Modification Services

Making it easy to modify loans increases yield and revenue while building loyal relationships to last beyond the original note.

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