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Exit Interview: Maurice Smith, Local Government FCU

A half-century of service hasn’t come completely to an end for this pioneer of credit union innovation and diversity.


4 Fundamental Elements Every Spring Strategy Session Needs

Fall business planning sessions are operational in nature. Spring strategy sessions are all about relevance and impact.


How To Help Members Stay Ahead Of Economic Headwinds

Sixty-five percent of members report trust as the reason they chose a credit union. Now, they’ll count on their credit union for help during challenging times.


Support For Women Leaders In The Badger State

A one-day live summit and periodic virtual sessions are empowering women and ensuring their future in the movement.


What Your Credit Union Needs To Know About Business Intelligence And How It Will Impact Member Experiences

Identifying patterns and trends is key to translating information into improved operational efficiencies and more engaging member services.


What’s In A Name: Chief Data And Planning Officer

Matthew Reidy helps Sandia Laboratory FCU leverage the power of data to increase innovation and member value.


From Tracking To Forecasting: 3 Steps To Member Data Analytics Maturity

Tips to demystify data analytics and set credit union leaders on a course for stronger member insights.

Graph Of The Week

Loan Growth Smashed Records In The Fourth Quarter

Loan balances were up 20% year-over-year, surpassing the previous industry record.


Data And Analytics: Unlocking Insights To Stay Competitive

Financial institutions have a wealth of data available to generate insights to inform difficult decisions about how to adapt and thrive in real time.


What’s In A Name: Chief Research And Digital Experience Officer

Ami Iceman Haueter takes on a new C-level role and a merged division to drive digital innovation at MSUFCU.

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