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5 Takeaways From Trendwatch 1Q 2022

How did credit unions perform in the first three months of the year? Learn this and other insights from Callahan’s quarterly webinar.


Industry Performance: Auto (4Q21)

Vehicles are selling, but credit unions must consider the risks of financing less reliable used cars at all-time-high prices.


How Being ‘Unapologetically Different’ Helped Buckeye State’s Turnaround

A focus on reining in costs and changing organizational culture have transformed the Ohio-based institution.


Desert Financial Leads With Heart To Conquer New Markets

The Arizona cooperative commits time and money to fundraising, grants, and activities that revolve around the idea of giving back.


The Direct Benefits Of The Right Indirect Lending Partner

Process improvements from beginning to end and stronger partnerships await credit unions that use the right technology and service provider.


How Direct Lending Drives The Auto Portfolio At 2 Small Credit Unions

When it comes to building the auto portfolio, BHCU and Seasons FCU take different directions but arrive at the same destination.


How A Former Airline Credit Union Dominates RV Loans

Lifestyle changes intensified by the pandemic have made recreational vehicles hot sellers, and Alliant Credit Union is flying high off its RV portfolio.


Digital Car Sales: 5 Best Practices For A Booming Business

How pairing up with an online used car retailer has helped Digital Federal Credit Union serve members during social distancing, play to partner popularity, and update an old sales model.


Credit Union Auto Lending Growth Slows But Still Grows

Auto lending continues to dominate in penetration and market share; loan quality also improves.


How Financial Center First Ramped Up Their Payments Platform

Lower wait times and more self-service options result in higher member satisfaction.

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