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5 Takeaways From Trendwatch 2Q 2022

Macroeconomic shifts drove changes in member demand, which impacted top-level credit union metrics.

For Patelco, Growth Is The Icing On The Cupcake

A new shared location with a popular cupcake shop has reversed the credit union’s fortunes in San Ramon, CA, where one branch is now serving ...
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Credit Union Revenue Inches Up

Strong loan growth combined with increased investment and fee income helped propel credit union net income during the first quarter.

2 Ways To Approach Fee Relief For Members

United FCU offers support by reducing overdraft and NSF fees; Amplify flat-out eliminates them.

How Being ‘Unapologetically Different’ Helped Buckeye State’s Turnaround

A focus on reining in costs and changing organizational culture have transformed the Ohio-based institution.
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3 Takeaways From Trendwatch 3Q 2021

Credit union success on the balance sheet and income statement in the third quarter is creating new opportunities for future impact.
Industry Insights

3 Takeaways From The First Quarter Of 2021

The lasting effects of the COVID-19 pandemic — and the national economic response to it — linger on credit union financial statements.
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Industry Trends: Earnings (4Q20)

Credit union earnings rebounded toward the end of the year as industry players find a way to adapt their business models to a changing economic ...
Industry Insights

Credit Union Earnings And Capital In The Third Quarter Of 2020

Concerned with cooperative values and not stock prices, credit unions have sacrificed short-term earnings to bolster reserves and give members a break on fees.
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Industry Trends: Earnings (2Q20)

Due to economic lockdowns and government relief efforts, in the second quarter financial institutions had to develop creative strategies to generate revenue.
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