Which Credit Union In Every State Returns The Most Value To Members?

An interactive graphic by Callahan & Associates highlights ROM leaders by state. Who's tops in your state?

Member economic participation: It’s one of the seven cooperative principlesIt’s also the principle that creates a cycle of prosperity. Member-owners participate in their cooperative; thereby, the cooperative returns better benefits to member-owners; thereby, member-owners want to more fully participate in their cooperative. And the cycle continues.

What Is ROM?

ROM goes beyond traditional safety and soundness issues covered by CAMEL scoring to instead assess member value.

Learn morE ABOUT ROM

For credit unions, which typically offer better rates, fees and service than for-profit financial institutions, members recognize benefits in proportion to the extent of their financial transactions and general usage, says the Cornerstone Credit Union League on its website.

But how do credit unions measure the benefit of their membership?

Enter ROM, a comprehensive metric designed by Callahan & Associates that uses savings, lending, and product usage to quantify member value and assign a score to every credit union in the United States. Credit unions across the country use their ROM score to set member-facing goals and hold staff accountable to better serve members.

The interactive graphic below shows the top ROM leader in every state. Filter the view by state, ROM score, and credit union name. Click here to learn more about ROM calculation.

October 8, 2018

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